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Trinity Laban Residency 

Residency round up 

Our first residency was comprised of three days exploring and researching around the identity and journey of The Water Series. Merging our different practices, interests and research we developed a unique Grounding Project approach to creation and collaboration. This involves creative writing, contact improvisation, guided visualisation and other choreographic tools to investigate the themes and story of the three films.


Our research took shape in three main strands of interest : imagery, sensation and memory all drawn from our personal relationship to water.


More specifically we played with the imagery of Liquid and Currents, the sensation of being Held by Water and the memory of performing  Water Rituals from taking a bath to washing dishes.


Below are some snippets of the text written during our residency. 


Liquid to Current

Held by the water

she is bathwater filled with dirty clothes, trickles and seeps, gritty and grey, heavy dampness saturates your limbs and she pulls you into the ground.

she is also a river, crashing like white water charging through my veins, my bones, a power that swells and rolls to a crescendo of icy fury.

my chest is a beach reappearing with the tides, coming up for air and diving down again 

Water Rituals  

A bath in the sink

warm soapy water
skin prickles with heat
slipping below a surface of bubbles
head cradled in gentle hands
eyes pressed shut to the sting
scrub until pink
combing through tangled hair
rinse and smooth

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