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The Water Series Workshop


The water series workshop took place on the 11.08.2023 as part of the Festival of Community at Staffordshire Street. The festival curated by Peckham Platforms, F.A.T Studios and Staffordshire Street 

Together we explored fluidity in movement found in relation to water. We connected to one another by using our collective imagination in a guided improvisation we created a water world to be submerged in and float atop. 


We then translated this imagined environment onto paper in the form of drawings, words, phrases and patterns.


The creative writing task described your own water ritual from having a shower to swimming in the sea. This opened up new perspectives on how we interact with water in our everyday life.


These poems were left in the space for the duration of the Festival alongside our reflection tree which holds responses to the workshop; something we liked, one wish and one wonder for the future. 

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